Surgical Services

No matter what the situation might be, having surgery can be nerve racking. We understand that having the right surgeon on your team is critical to your recovery. That's why we have handpicked our Surgical Services team from a group of applicants from all over the world. 


The most common surgeries we perform: 

  • Gastroenterologist
  • Laparoscopic
  • Orthopedic
  • Ophthalmology (Cataract Surgery)
  • General Surgery
  • ENT (Tonsils, Adenoids, Ear Tubes, Sinus Surgery) 

Outpatient Services 

  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Antibiotic Infusions
  • Neulasta Infusions
  • Remicade Infusions
  • Reclast
  • IVIG Infusions
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Fluid Hydration
  • Porta Cath Flushes
  • Porta Cath Flushes
  • PICC Line Care
  • Phlebotomy


All services can be ordered by your primary care physician and schedule to be performed at on campus at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System in Winchester. To Schedule a consultation call our Central Scheduling number and they will create an appointment with one of our world class, board certified surgeons (931) 967-8258.